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Health and Safety

Covid-19 Safety plan

At Ivory Wilderness the safety of our guests and staff team is paramount. By following the TBCSA (Tourism business council of South Africa ) guidelines and adhering to international and local policies, we are committed to ensuring a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for all. Through implementing safety policies and procedures, utilizing powerful and proven cleaning products, undertaking staff training and briefing all guests on how to remain safe and how to respect the safety of other guests and staff, we endeavor to offer a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for all. Please see our certificate of compliance for Covid-19 Risk Assessment and Training undertaken by our staff team here.


Accredited Safety

Accredited safety and compliance.  Accredited  training. 


Cleaning & Disinfecting

With the use of powerful and tested cleaning products and  procedures, we can insure a clean and healthy environment for all staff and guests alike. Bedrooms, common area’s and all reliant surfaces are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis.

Monitoring and Support

We support staff and guests by monitoring health on a regular basis. We also have plans and procedures in place to support any individual displaying signs of Covid-19


Vehicles and Shuttles 

and disinfected on a regular basis. All Game drives are limited to 2-6 guests or one group to ensure privacy and safety. Guest transfers are limited to one group and PPE is compulsory for all transfers.

Staff Training & Protocol

Staff are thoroughly trained on Covid-19 safety, hygiene, and safety protocol and measures to ensure safety for all.


Check-in & Procedures

Upon check in guests will be briefed on safety guidelines and procedures in retaining utmost safety for all. For example, social distancing , PPE use, and sanitisation.


Food & Dinning 

Food and beverages are prepared in a safe and hygienic manor. All dinning is tailored for a safe and intimate experience.


Safety Equipment

All guests and staff will be required to use PPE personal protective equipment, on the premises.



Enhanced procedures are in place along with tested cleaning products to ensure safety and  comfort for all.

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