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At the centre of it all, the core ethos of Ivory Wilderness is an utmost respect and passion for wildlife and the desire to conserve local biodiversity for future generations. In sharing this bushveld experience with others, we are privileged to be able to contribute to this cause and thank you also for your support in our local wildlife.

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The Klaserie Private Nature Reserve Conservation Levy

The proceeds from the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve Conservation Levy directly support wildlife conservation initiatives in the nature reserve, conserving this vast wilderness and it's more vulnerable wildlife. This ranges from anti-poaching technology and improving the fences to team training and functional equipment. With the technology and funding required to effectively conserve this habitat ever increasing, your support goes a long way. 


The above levy primarily approach wildlife conservation and community outreach through:

     1. Anti-poaching forces, and

     2. Education & Empowerment of local communities.

We have a fundamental mission to support anti-poaching initiatives in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve and wider area. Part of our mission is to support initiatives which address the socio-economic concerns in our local communities, including education and access to our basic needs such as food and water, thereby empowering communities while simultaneously reducing local involvement with poaching. 

Through supporting local initiatives we hope to play our part in alleviating local poaching pressure and supporting the empowerment of local communities. The two projects that we currently contribute to are the Klaserie Rhino Protection Fund and the Eco Children.

Crookes' Klaserie Story

With deep family roots in the Klaserie area, brothers Warren and Craig  are passionate about conservation and supporting local conservation initiatives. Leading our intimate safaris, they will share this passionate connection with the surrounding landscape with you.

Three rondavels and a pit toilet by the Klaserie river - a simple start to the Crookes family in the Klaserie. It was so simple that it was considered "unfit" for women until proper wash areas were arranged later on, and so the men bathed in the river and lived off the land. George, John, and Edwin Crookes had begun their time in Klaserie in 1936 with the purchase of eight farms in total. George in time passed his properties onto his two sons, Vernon and Charles; as well as close relatives – Edwin and Freddie Gillatt.

Charles, Warren and Craig's grandfather, was always interested in preserving the bushveld and sharing it with others. This inspired much of Warren's early passion for wildlife. Most notably, in the establishment of the area as a private nature reserve, Charles donated a portion of his property for the reserve headquarters to be built. Connected as a private nature reserve allowed effective co-operation between the farms and management of the reserve area as a whole. This has had long term benefits regarding local biodiversity. Charles' passion for the Bush was instilled into his family including Warren and Craig, who from an early age loved nothing more than connecting with their surroundings in the local Klaserie lowveld.

The Crookes were at the centre of creating the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve (KPNR) as they occupied four large farms along the Klaserie river, and without their contribution the reserve would not have existed. Thus the largest private nature reserve for it's time in South Africa was established on 8 October 1969. As a result of his help, Charles Crookes was elected to the Executive Committee of the KPNR.

The Klaserie Rhino Protection Fund

The Klaserie Rhino Protection Fund has a number of initiatives that aim to alleviate the serious decline in Rhino numbers in the KNPR. This is done through dedicated anti-poaching teams and military-grade surveillance technology. We plan to help out wherever we can, even if it means new boots and uniforms for the team, or contributing to the latest technology to protect these endangered giants. By supporting the Rhino Protection Fund, we are in fact supporting a whole umbrella of local wildlife suffering from poaching that this dedicated team are protecting day in and day out, from pangolin and elephants to wild dog and antelope.

Eco Children

Eco Children provides hands-on environmental education for local children, to engender respect for and understanding of local wildlife and to raise awareness around the issues of poaching. Another initiative of the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, Eco Children support local communities by providing clothing and Eco Villages, educational bursaries and tackling researched, socio-economic issues. Their mission is ''To sow seeds of change, empowering the children in rural Limpopo and Mpumalanga Provinces by increasing their awareness of conservation; stimulating their desire to learn; improving their learning environment; improving the quality of their education; and providing opportunities for talented learners''

Other fund-raising initiatives of Ivory Wilderness include the sale of wildlife art pieces and bespoke clothing accessories in order to further contribute to these projects.

For more information or to get involved please email

Ivory Wilderness shares Charles Crookes' vision in conserving the local environment, so that it may be shared with future generations to come.

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