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Ivory Wilderness provides a morning and afternoon walking or driving activity in prime Big Five wilderness. Other wildlife highlights include the ever-dynamic African Wild Dogs, spotted hyena clans, towering giraffe and copious birds. Each afternoon safari concludes with an early evening night drive to search for the more nocturnal creatures. Each morning and afternoon activity is between 3 to 4 hours in length, while the walking trails average between 2 and 7 km's in distance, bearing in mind guest fitness levels and trail activity.

- Wilderness Trails -

Walk an African wilderness trail with the chance of encountering some of the largest and most charismatic to the smallest and most delicate creatures of the Greater Kruger Lowveld. Being part of a small walking trail group of a maximum of four guests, one can be subtle and sensitive enough to have remarkable encounters with the smallest elephant shrew to the most majestic African elephant. 

Walk specific trails with certain wildlife in mind.

For example, in the cooler temperatures of June and July, walk pangolin trails, tracking this illusive and mysterious creature when its too cold for them to operate in the darkest hours. Enjoy walking in the bounty of summer with it's abundance of new life and when the air is filled with copious colourful butterflies. And be entranced by the myriad of bird calls in the morning, beckoning your journey through the wild.


Feel the thrill of seeing from a wild animals perspective, through tracking an Elephant, a Lion, a Buffalo or other wild game along it's path on foot. This is juxtaposed by the peace and tranquility of the breath-taking Lowveld.

For the bird enthusiasts, enjoy walking bird trails and have the option of giving back with fun citizen science bird surveys. 

- Driving Safaris -

Sit back on one of our driving safaris, a great way to get closer to some of the larger game and fantastic for photographic opportunities. Our driving safaris will also often take you to different, selected  locations for a walking trail or to a perfect sun-downer spot.

Night Activities -

Our afternoon safaris extend into a wilderness night drive, to explore the local night life. Other night-time activities include frogging in the summer months and observation of the southern hemisphere starlight sky when you will be guided on the constellations along with the lore and legends that go with it.

Book the lodge and enjoy activities as you choose them or request activities in advance when joining other guests. 

Additional activities include the K9 Conservation Experience, Bush Dining/Sleep Outs and Air and Boat safaris. Witness for yourself the skilled K9 team in action and contribute to local conservation efforts; feel the thrill and awe of experiencing the Blyde Canyon mountains from the air, or gently drift down the Olifants river on your private boat safari. Click here for further details and rates.

Regenerate and pamper yourself with a healing spa treatment, from the comfort of our tranquil lodge. Treatments focus on holistic, 100% natural therapies.

Subject to availability on booking, please inquire with reservations for more information.

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